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A look at what it’s like to pilfer over google maps, wikipedia, travel websites, etc… looking for a hidden gem along the many miles of western roads. Then getting there and making the shot a reality as you see here. I used a variety of gelled flashes, and flashlights to light this shot.

Recent Favorites

  • Captive Light


    After shooting this old blacksmith’s shed from the inside, I’d left the lantern I was using, handing inside. Once I got out to the outside, I noticed a very cool pattern of light emanating from within. After a few tries to get the right exposure and framing, it turned out pretty neat.

  • Moaning Tree


    This was shot in Arches National Park and this was just south of the Southern Window. I notices that the Milky Way was peaking through the fast moving clouds. I then stumbled on this gnarly old tree which made for a good anchoring element to the shot.

  • Alien Egg Farm


    Bisti Badlands deep in northern New Mexico is one of the most otherworldly places that I’ve been to. Standing here to take this shot felt like I was standing on another planet. Amazing place of desolation, isolation and sheer unique beauty.

  • Bloom Of The Pontotoc


    In Texas, the blooming wildflowers, especially the bluebonnets are a big thing to most Texans. These flowers found their way to Texas via Ladybird Johnson who has them planted across Texas’s immense structure of roads and highways. The timing was pretty well perfect with my trip to the small ghost town of Pontotoc, as the […]