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America By Twilight

The Ultimate Photography Road Trip

I am currently on an adventurous mission to visit and photograph the United States. I will be alone and with only what I can take with me. No support crew, no entourage, no help.

I hope that you follow along with me on this modern adventure into the heart of America. I'll try to tickle your eyeballs and maybe entertain you with some of the encounters and obstacles I’ll have to overcome along the way.

Stay Tuned!
- Todd

Death And Taxes


Valley Of Souls


Standing at the base of Park Avenue in Arches NP, myself and a couple of friends were completely dismayed by the thick clouds that rolled in and threatened to ruin our night shoot. I noticed an unusual glow from the nearby town of Moab, UT made the clouds reflect the light and when we did 90 second or greater exposures, this really accentuated things. Although I didn’t the stars that I’d planned for, I did get a neat shot that makes me laugh when I see it.


Recent Favorites

  • Dodge Challenger Explosion

    Challenger Explosion

    This was a shot that almost didn’t happen. I was asked to come up with a night time concept for shooting a friends Dodge Challenger that was being featured in a magazine. We’d tried a few different options during the evening until we gave up and decided to try a location that I’d shot in […]

  • Beckoning Winds


    My first trip to New Mexico’s City of Rocks State Park, happened by complete chance. I was out scouting central and southern parts of the state when I saw a sign for this state park. I was intrigued as I’ve shot the Rock City park of Kansas and so I wondered what New Mexico’s version […]

  • Felisha


    The oldest bridge to cross the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma, sit’s just outside the town of Dennison. Not much traffic other than a few odd locals in Hendrix, OK who take this bridge to avoid a much longer trip going to the next available bridge. I don’t expect this bridge to remain open […]

  • How I See Daylight


    The view from within the long abandoned saloon of Fort Griffin Flats. This was shot on the evening of the “Super Moon” and the quality of the light really was great.