America By Twilight

The Ultimate Photography Road Trip

I’m now living and working full-time on-the-road across the highways of America. I’m always accompanied by my ever faithful companion “Montana”, a beautiful Golden Irish who goes everywhere that I do. Together, we are traveling across the country in search of the ever-constant and yet sometimes elusive beauty that makes up this great land.

Todd Lambert and "Montana"

I'll try to tickle your eyeballs and maybe entertain you with some of the encounters and obstacles I’ll have to overcome along the way.

Follow along on this journey to
explore America by Twilight.

Stay Tuned!
- Todd Lambert

Follow Me Into The Night


Evening In Arches


I’ve never really had a bad night in Arches. Sure, I’ve had bad weather and extreme cold but this place always has an answer for it with it’s sheer beauty. Such a unique place and one of my favorites.

Step Into My World


A look at what it’s like to pilfer over google maps, wikipedia, travel websites, etc… looking for a hidden gem along the many miles of western roads. Then getting there and making the shot a reality as you see here. I used a variety of gelled flashes, and flashlights to light this shot.

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