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A look at what it’s like to pilfer over google maps, wikipedia, travel websites, etc… looking for a hidden gem along the many miles of western roads. Then getting there and making the shot a reality as you see here. I used a variety of gelled flashes, and flashlights to light this shot.

Recent Favorites

  • Passed By Time


    This was perhaps my favorite shot of several I took at this location. I was battling some very offensive, bright white light pollution, but I ended up using the car headlights and the white light, to it’s benefit. In this case, it gives a very otherworld feel to the image and I think tells a […]

  • Stellar Sentries


    Night at the Very Large Array in New Mexico. This place is simply magical at night. I’d always been intrigued by this place and I’d wanted to visit it since I can remember. I finally got my chance and I took it. These towers are like nimble giants, constantly twitching and positioning and working tirelessly […]

  • The Boatswain’s Blunder


    by Todd Lambert Confinement, a bode of misery with blue majesty abound. The petty officer – Mr. Transcontinental promised treasures never found. Recognized with nothing but obscurity for the sea is sole judge and jury. Crashing thunderstorms are the only sound where lonesomeness becomes friend and death is crowned. Thoughts of liberation are constant wonder. […]

  • Atomic Martini Flyboys


    My friend whom was out scouting with me in southern New Mexico, spotted this plane as we drove to another area I’d been researching. The old trainer jet sits fairly close to a large highway, and I wasn’t sure how successful our shots here would be, but I was surprised at how well the Milky […]