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A look at what it’s like to pilfer over google maps, wikipedia, travel websites, etc… looking for a hidden gem along the many miles of western roads. Then getting there and making the shot a reality as you see here. I used a variety of gelled flashes, and flashlights to light this shot.

Recent Favorites

  • Beckoning Winds


    My first trip to New Mexico’s City of Rocks State Park, happened by complete chance. I was out scouting central and southern parts of the state when I saw a sign for this state park. I was intrigued as I’ve shot the Rock City park of Kansas and so I wondered what New Mexico’s version […]

  • The Boatswain’s Blunder


    by Todd Lambert Confinement, a bode of misery with blue majesty abound. The petty officer – Mr. Transcontinental promised treasures never found. Recognized with nothing but obscurity for the sea is sole judge and jury. Crashing thunderstorms are the only sound where lonesomeness becomes friend and death is crowned. Thoughts of liberation are constant wonder. […]

  • Captive Light


    After shooting this old blacksmith’s shed from the inside, I’d left the lantern I was using, handing inside. Once I got out to the outside, I noticed a very cool pattern of light emanating from within. After a few tries to get the right exposure and framing, it turned out pretty neat.

  • Insightful Deconstruction


    October and crisp cool weather made for great skies here in southern Utah. There wasn’t another soul around for many many miles, so the stars seemed to dance just for me this night. This was a 175 image stack taken from the middle of a 4 hour timelapse that I was doing at this location.