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America By Twilight

The Ultimate Photography Road Trip

I am currently on an adventurous mission to visit and photograph the United States. I will be alone and with only what will fit into my car. No support crew, no entourage, no help.

I hope that you follow along with me on this modern adventure into the heart of America. I'll try to tickle your eyeballs and maybe entertain you with some of the encounters and obstacles I’ll have to overcome along the way.

Stay Tuned!
- Todd

Death And Taxes


Valley Of Souls


Standing at the base of Park Avenue in Arches NP, myself and a couple of friends were completely dismayed by the thick clouds that rolled in and threatened to ruin our night shoot. I noticed an unusual glow from the nearby town of Moab, UT made the clouds reflect the light and when we did 90 second or greater exposures, this really accentuated things. Although I didn’t the stars that I’d planned for, I did get a neat shot that makes me laugh when I see it.


Recent Favorites

  • Disciple Rocks


    While at the top section of the City of Rocks in New Mexico, I saw this particular rock standing out by itself as I made my way up the hill. The skies were exceptionally dark and clear and made for a great backdrop here. I also did a timelapse with a closer shot of the […]

  • Christmas In Cambodia


    A Vietnam Memorial outside of Mineral Wells, Texas provides the incredible scene here and the Christmas tree just completes everything.

  • Step Into My World


    A look at what it’s like to pilfer over google maps, wikipedia, travel websites, etc… looking for a hidden gem along the many miles of western roads. Then getting there and making the shot a reality as you see here. I used a variety of gelled flashes, and flashlights to light this shot.

  • The Boatswain’s Blunder


    by Todd Lambert Confinement, a bode of misery with blue majesty abound. The petty officer – Mr. Transcontinental promised treasures never found. Recognized with nothing but obscurity for the sea is sole judge and jury. Crashing thunderstorms are the only sound where lonesomeness becomes friend and death is crowned. Thoughts of liberation are constant wonder. […]