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The Ultimate Photography Road Trip

I’m a web designer night photographer living full-time, on the highways of America. I’m traveling across the country in search of the ever constant yet sometimes elusive beauty that makes up this great land.

I'll try to tickle your eyeballs and maybe entertain you with some of the encounters and obstacles I’ll have to overcome along the way.

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- Todd Lambert

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Into The Furnace

Into The Furnace

An extremely remote location in Nevada shows off it’s teeth. The jagged rock formations here are unlike anywhere I’ve seen. I played with some red lighting to increase the menacing feel to this shot.

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Sea Of Sorrow

Sea Of Sorrow

The last light of the day slowly slowly fades over the coastal marshes while the night begins for all of natures’ creatures. Read more →

Learning To Fly

Learning To Fly

Two birds darted through my frame as I setup a shot of windmill out in a very rural section of New Mexico while hiking out to the King of Wings limestone formation. Read more →

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