Montana’s Painted Hills

I stayed up in Bitteroot National Forest last night behind the Painted Rocks area in Montana.

Got to where I was gonna camp, started a fire and then proceeded to experience the most intense lightning storm I’ve ever seen.

I had 5 bolts all the way to the ground in different directions all around me. I don’t spook with lightning too often but this had me quite nervous. I knew I had to keep the fire gong or I wouldn’t get one started again with all of the rain coming down.

Soon it passed an I made dinner and got ready to shoot but the clouds never left, so I didn’t shoot.
Hopefully tonight.

Heading to Glacier National Park…

Btw, started shooting video finally.. Been working on some cool camera angles(front of the car, top of the trailer, etc..) as I’m driving, so hopefully soon I’ll get my first episode edited together and posted.
Anyway, signal is even more spotty than I expected up here (I’m driving nothing but back roads and mountain roads) so I’ll post as I can.

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