Published in a now dead magazine

I sort of forgot to mention this awhile back, but I was featured in the very first magazine for Fuji Film awhile ago. It finally published, and I was going to post about it but for some reason,I felt like it might be short-lived and I didn’t want to curse it,

Well, it died… the magazine that is. One issue, good bye. But, I’m in it!

Lots of things I touch die.. I actually wrote a book a long time ago, for Adobe and one of it’s programs. The program got killed and so did my book.

Alas, I’m always hesitant on pushing something now. Ha! Anyways, the publisher of that magazine has reached out to me and we are working on an upcoming piece for another magazine. This piece will be for Astrophotography.

Should be cool, I’ll post when I know more about it.

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