New website!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately working on what you see here. What you are viewing is a very large upgrade and code re-write from my previous website.

This re-design changed both the front-end appearance as you see, as well as quite a bit of the back-end code that runs the entire show. I was tired of having to constantly jiggle the handle on the old site so I set out to correct a lot of the navigation shortcomings. I believe I’ve got much better navigation in place now and I think most will be pleased with the variety of options available now.

I’ve also created a whole new pop-up panel for good portions of the site that include photo exif info, photo stories and even commenting on images. Be sure to check that out, and PLEASE comment on the images – it really helps!

Thanks for looking and check back soon, as I’ll hopefully be growing this site quite a bit now since I have no more excuses. Stay Tuned…


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    Photography Settings

    What was in my bag?

    Lighting and Accessories

    Coming Soon

    Support Gear and Essentials

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    Lenses and Optics

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    Cameras and Electronics

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