Is that moon bigger, or is it just me?

Come Saturday night, you may notice the moon looks a little bit larger than normal. That’s not atmmosheric haze playing tricks on you, this full moon is actually larger due to the moon being closer than normal. This is called the Moon’s perigee and is when the moon is at it’s closest point to Earth in it’s orbit. This happens on March 19th and this year, the moon will actually be full as well.

Many are calling this a “Super Moon” and many on the Internet are making fantastic claims and predictions for things like increased tidal events, earthquakes and even volcanic activities.
I don’t necessarily believe any of that, but I do know that for photography purposes, this will be a full moon that shouldn’t be missed. The moon will come the closest it has been to the Earth in almost two decades. It will appear brighter and larger in the sky than other full moons, due to its proximity to the Earth.
I have not yet decided on a target for shooting this event yet, but you can bet that I will be out shooting this weekend and I am trying to come up with something that really accentuates this event.

Stay tuned!


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