A few new updates:

First, an apology to my site visitors as I’ve been very lax about updating my site. I’ve been very busy and working a lot (excuses excuses, I know!), but I have been out shooting too! In fact, I’ve been shooting enough to warrant opening another new gallery! So, please keep look out for the new Gallery #4. I hope to have this up very soon.

Just so I post “something” since this seems to be a pretty empty posting on my part (sorry!), here is a 360º pano I took while at False Kiva:

    Photo Settings

    My Gear

    Sony A7r

    Sony A7s

    Canon 5D3

    Canon 8-14L
    Nikon 14-24
    Canon 17 TS-e
    Canon 24 TS-e
    Canon 24L
    Canon 35L
    Canon 85L
    Canon 135L
    Gitzo GT1554T
    Gitzo 3531S
    Gitzo GT5562GTS

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