Not everyone wants huge wall art - Putting art into lives not just onto walls

##Putting art into lives - not just onto walls.

That headline says it all. Twilightscapes believes that art should be accessible to everyone, not only in price but the art itself.

The photo industry has always been about about two types of photography sales. Imagery sold for commercial usage and the rest of the industry it seems, was left to push their photos in print format. The larger the better (for the photographer, as it meant more $$$) and so that is how photography has been presented as a product to its customers for ever.

But times are changing, new frontiers abound, a rolling stone gathers no moss, err… I lost track of where I was going with that, but let me just say that the customers are changing. They are changing in what they want and how they want it.

The recent explosion in NFT (non-fungible tokens) in the art space and more importantly, in the photography art space just proves that.

Customers want to have the art that means something to them, and they want to display it, use it, incorporate it, into their lives. In ways that selling a print, just doesn’t do.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing quite like seeing beautiful photo art displayed in a grand fashion and printed huge on a wall. That will never change. But not everyone has that wall space not to mention the expensive costs associated with large artworks.

The entire industry is and has been setup to sell you large prints for your wall.

What about the new customers out there that want to buy art and bring it into their daily lives, not just when they are sitting on the couch? What about the people that want their art on their phone screen, or as their desktop on their iPads or computers? What about people who want to print their own copies of the artwork?

The majority of the photo industry is not only ill-equipped and in most cases, ill-willed towards giving their customers exactly what they want. They just haven’t caught up with the new customer yet.

They aren’t really trying to bring art into peoples lives as much as selling you a large piece of paper. Especially when what you really want is just the image itself.

This is why Twilightscapes is moving their entire catalog into the digital sales space and marketing art work for customers to use and incorporate into their daily lives how they see fit. The flexibility to enjoy art in their own spaces and new devices.

Twilightscapes has also entered the new NFT art space with an initial offering that is marketed at the exclusivity buyer and a customer who wants to own not only the RAW image but all rights to it as well.

In the near future there will be other editions offered that are not so exclusive and even a new series of motion art pieces that will redefine the viewing experience for Twilightscapes art.

Twilightscapes is committed to helping customers enjoy art and believes that everybody needs and deserves to enjoy different culture. They deserve to have something to inspire them and make their dreams upon.

That is what art does for people. It expands the boundaries of their own dreams and helps to make their own dreams greater.
- Todd Lambert

All Twilightscapes are available for one low-price and you gain immediate access to the high-res print-ready artwork. You also receive a license allowing for all private use including printing.

So be sure to check out all of the great photos available for sale, and keep an eye out for many more coming soon.

Lastly, please check out the Twilightscapes Foundation profile and watch this space as new NFTs will be coming soon.

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