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Stellar Sentries

Stellar Sentries

A very rare night photo of the Very Large Array (VLA). I'd always been intrigued by this place and I'd wanted to visit it. These towers are like nimble giants, constantly twitching and positioning and working tirelessly throughout the night.

After having obtained special permission to be on the premises after dark by way of a favor, I was able to get the perfect lineup framed and then waited for the skies to darken and the stars to come out.

Single Shot - No PS - lightpainted long exposure

Alien Egg Farm

Alien Egg Farm

Possibly one of the most far-out locations I've ever been to. The Bisti Badlands are on tribal land and extremely remote. There are no roads. This is a 3.5 mile hike into some of the most extreme landscapes.

It seems like around every corner there is another scene that appears to be from a distant planet. These "alien eggs" are actually weathered limestone.

Single Shot - No PS - long exposure

Boatswain's Blunder

Boatswain's Blunder

Confinement, a bode of misery with blue majesty abound.

The petty officer, Mr. Transcontinental promised treasures never found.

Recognized with nothing but obscurity for the sea is sole judge and jury.

Crashing thunderstorms are the only sound where lonesomeness becomes friend and death is crowned.

Thoughts of liberation are constant wonder. from mast to keel and gunwale, this swoon of a boatswain’s blunder.

-- by Todd Lambert


NFT Collectible Photography

The Non Fungible Token or NFT, stores proof of identity and ownership of art on the blockchain where it's impossible to be forged, stolen or copied.

Twilightscapes offers a Limited Edition of rare NFTs.

Follow Me Into The Night

An introduction to the work of Todd Lambert

Genesis Series presented
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winning bids will receive a special NFT package including: behind the scene information, a certificate of authenticity and a limited edition signed print.

Original source RAW file included.
The image will also be taken out of future commissions and retired.


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