Captive Light
Passed By Time
Ambassador of Twilight
Seeing Daylight
Ruins of Pontotoc
Atomic Martini Flyboys
Challenger Explosion
Texas Prada
Monarch Sunset
Take Me To Your Leader
Cosmic Portal
Bye Felisha
Cadillac Binary
Lost Dreams on the Gulf Coast
Follow Me Into The Night
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Follow Me Into The Night

An introduction to Todd Lambert
The Genesis Series

A collection of 14 unique images that illustrate the night as Todd Lambert sees it. Todd works almost exclusively at night as that is his medium of choice. Having lived on the the road and travelled throughout the 16 Western States, he has followed his own paths while creating new ones that he shows with his night photography.

Todd shoots on Canon, Sony and Nikon equipment but is a bit of a purist when it comes to his photography. The majority of Twilightscapes are single exposure and "as-shot" with very little editing and NO photoshop effects or filters.

All NFTs include maximum resolution, lossless compressed TIFF files with original source image and print rights included.

Here I present some of my favorite gas stations that I've "worked in".
These images comprise an important part of my life. Just as I explored Route 66 over many years, I did the same with my photography style.

– Todd Lambert

ONLY 14 one-of-one pieces will be released in this Limited Edition series.

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All Twilightscapes NFTs include maximum resolution, lossless compressed TIFF files from the original source RAW data and includes print rights.

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