Frontier Home

This is Ft. Griffin Flat known as “The Toughest Town in Texas” and described as “one of the wildest… gambling hellholes ever spawned on the frontier”.

This town has a very illustrious past. The town of Fort Griffin, was known as “The Flat” and in the 1870s was infamous for “having a man for breakfast every morning”. The frontier town located below a bluff where a frontier fort sits from the Texas – Indian Wars. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid, Sheriff Pat Garrett and Bat Masterson roamed these streets. This location is where Doc Holiday met “Big Nose” Kate.

This place was like something out of a movie set and many of the original structures are not only intact but many still contain proof of it’s prior tenants.

Roaming around this old town, you could feel the voices and stories of the past come alive, especially when viewing the bits and pieces of history left behind. In fact, this area is actually much more impressive than the actual Fort Griffin that sprung this town to life. The Fort has really decayed and there is not much left. Most people do not realize the Real History of the West that took place just on the other side of the road! They drive right on by or stop to photograph the crumbling Fort ruins.

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