Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I buy a print?

    Unfortunately, I do not sell prints to the general public. With my previous career experiences working on websites I made the decision to only offer my work online. I do have a few various pieces on display for various charities that I’ve worked with in the past, but I do not generally sell my work.

  • What are your night photography settings?

    Image settings vary depending on a lot of variables and because of that, this question will best be answered by an upcoming in-depth article, stay tuned! That said, to help answer the question: I generally shoot with my ISO set at 1000 and then adjust according to the amount of light (or more accurately, lack of light). With my current camera body I feel comfortable pushing the ISO as high as 6400. Your body may provide different results based on it’s age and performance.

    I generally shoot wide-open when it comes to my aperture. I feel like I can generally get away with this because I am lucky to use some very good optics. Your results may vary if you’re using a lesser quality lens.

    Lastly, I generally start my exposure times to 10 seconds. I then adjust that according to the amount of light available. I don’t generally go over 25 seconds exposure time to prevent or minimize star trailing. Again, this number can be a variable if you’re not shooting with very wide angle lenses and you need to lessen the exposure time to make up for the extra focal length you may be using instead.

  • Do you have landscape or night photo workshops?

    Yes! I often conduct workshops on location in some of the most beautiful and remote locations. I post about them on my Facebook page but you can also feel free to contact me here.

  • Where was a particular image photographed?

    All of the locations details and image settings are available for every image in my portfolio. However, you do need to become a free member by logging in with one of your social accounts, to see these GPS settings.

  • How do you light paint your photographs?

    Almost every image I make has been light painted to some extent or another. I generally shoot in very dark conditions, so most of the light that you see in my images is actually put there, by me. I use a variety of tools that I’ve experimented with over the years ranging from torches, flashlights, speed lights, glow sticks, holiday lighting, etc.. I do have an upcoming article that will go into this topic with much more details and examples. Stay tuned!

  • Are your images Photoshopped?

    No! I am a bit of a purist noawadays and only use Photoshop to do things like star trails or to combine images for time lapse. I actually edit most of my work in Apple’s Aperture program and then I usually only adjust sharpness, shadow and highlights, contrast, white balance and other basic adjustments. Most of my work is very much as the scene looked at the time I was there. Any other effects you may see are done in-camera with light-painting techniques.