Moaning Tree
Sea of Sorrow
Tree With A View
Tree Tops
Lonely Tree
Evening Crown
Silver Serenity
Gnarled Barkley
Wishing Tree
Waimea Milky Way
Deciduous Doiley
Dances With The Moon
Big Dreams
Amber Oak
Follow Me Into The Night
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Dendroid Dreams

A collection of photos that show the aging spirits of trees.

  • My wood becomes the feast.
  • For your light I follow when darkness falls.
  • Optimism is my only fear.
  • I only wait to decompose.
  • As I enjoy my delusions in peace.
  • A dendroid I must be.
Here I present some of my favorite trees.
These images show some of my favorites trees that I've photographed over the years. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

– Todd Lambert

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