Silver Bullet
Route 66 Station
Chillicothe FillUp
Rainman Pumps
Days Gone By
Lost Highway
Death and Taxes
Last Gas(p)
Momentary Hope
Fire On The Mountain
Disciple Rocks
Racing Time
No More Gas
Peggy Sue
Night Visitor
Echoes of Route 66
Self Serve
Fillin Station
Working Late
End Of The Line
Amber Oak
Big Dreams
Dances With The Moon
Deciduous Doiley
Waimea Milky Way
Wishing Tree
Gnarled Barkley
Silver Serenity
Evening Crown
Lonely Tree
Tree Tops
Tree With A View
Sea of Sorrow
Moaning Tree
The Visitor
Mystery Science 3021
Amanda's Agony
Cosmic Chaos
Magic of Midnight
Follow Me Into The Night
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