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About Todd
Todd Lambert night photo america by twilight overlanding road trip

My name is Todd Lambert, this is my story. It all began when the country was a different place, my parents were having sex, and I was born.

OK, so who wants to read that crap? What if I post a few photos of my deliciously twisted childhood (that I wouldn’t change for anything), instead?

[fast-forward through childhood]

Todd Lambert takes night photos on the roads of america while overlanding
Todd Lambert

Fair Warning [this gets long, dirty and involved past this point – enter at your own peril]

It’s now many years later, I am fresh into the working world, after having just busted out of high school with C- grades, and then quickly followed by a drug and alchol-induced loss of my first two years of college.

I never learned in a school environment very well and it was always just a social thing for me (which was and still is awkward to me). I was a good “front man” that got along with lots of people and obstacles by faking it better than most.


The Internet had just really started, but the amount of knowledge at my fingertips was honestly, quite addictive. Just as I’ve been self-taught with just about all things in my life, I had immersed myself in multiple online personalities each with intense work patterns to learn as much as I could about all aspects of…duh duh:

Website Design and Development

I was one of the the once-vaunted “Webmasters” who controlled the Internet. We were the ones they made the movie “Hackers” about. In fact, I almost had a Gibson one time, just barely out of my grasp, but I digress.

[this passage spoken with the VH-1 announcer’s voice]

[cue dramatic music]

With all of this power and great responsibility comes great lethargy, gluttony and ultimately, Diabetes Type II, a heart condition, unknown gastric issues, horrible near-sightedness and of course all the debt and other normal stresses of life on the web.

The stay-up-all-night-party-like-a-rock-star type of life he’d always dreamed of was in fact now killing him.

But then it all came crashing down for Todd. Quickly, his body succumbed from the years of excessive 1 and 0’s

The Internet was new, it was the World Wild Web BABY!

This is why I never had kids.

[cue anonymous alleged co-worker]

Once, Todd ate an entire machine out of all it’s Krispie Kreme donuts and washed it down with at least 4 or 5 gallons of Mountain Dew. And this was usually ever day

[fade to black]

So, that was my hey-day of web development with the likes of Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer listed as friends on my Flickr (pro) account. Yup, that was me.


It was here at this point that I was shining while I was sinking. I’d reached a great peak in my career, and I should have been basking in what that brought. I had the large McMansion in the Burbs, new cars, happy dogs and a great career. I should have been on top of the world, yet I felt empty and felt as though I was just going through the motions.

I was struggling to come to terms with being burned out in this career that I had decided to teach myself so many years ago. I’d just gotten to a point that I was not fascinated by the web any more. It wasn’t the burning passion it always had been in the past for me, and sadly it had become just a J O B.

[enter photography]

Todd Lambert stands next to a mushroom rock in Kansas while overlanding across the country

In my free time over the last 10 years or so, I’d begun playing around with photography as a hobby. I really only had free time during the evenings hence I initially learned to photograph at night. I found that I really enjoyed the peacefulness and tranquility when I photographed alone at night. I became fascinated with all things photography and I sought out to learn everything there was to learn about it. I have finally reached a point in my photography, where I honestly believe that it is the driving force in my life. The wind beneath my sails, if you want to call it that.

Pretending to be “sleep walking” to help explain my unusual fetish for the nocturnes

[and other various {ahem} hobbies]

Over the years, I’ve always been intrigued by being places where I wasn’t supposed to be. It started as a kid, by sneaking out of my parents house every night and wandering the city streets, looking for the voices that called me out of my sleep. Learning to accept darkness and find peace in the unknown was something that became second nature to me, even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

There was actually several incidences of me pretending to be “sleep walking” to help explain my unusual fetish for the nocturnes. [end with a vampiric laughter]

In trying to find my lost soul inside these decrepit and crumbling vestiges of our American past, I’d found something that actually tickled all my special spots.

I became obsessed with finding and photographing rusted cars, old ghost towns and remnants of America that had become long forgotten. The history of our past, seemed to call to me. I was enamored by ghosts of places that I’d never been, yet they felt like home when I got there.

I tried to maintain both my day job and an all-encompassing infatuation with photography, but after several years of burning the candle at both ends, it had destroyed my marriage of 20 years, my physical health and in the end, it was making me more and more miserable in my work career.

[Looking Forward for Todd Lambert]

Ultimately, I had hit a wall and finally figured out that my life was way out of whack and badly needed to be reinvented. So, this newly single, is going to do just that. I’ve worked at trying to stop the Krispy Kreme addiction and I’ve lost about 80 pounds in a little over two years. I’ve found that photography always provides a better ultimate reward than web design or even donuts. I just enjoyed it more than anything.

Todd Lambert sold everything - it's all gone! and it feels great!

So, in the last year, I’ve made the decision to commit myself full-time to my photography and have taken steps that will hopefully allow me to do that.

I have sold all my earthly possessions, my house, cars, tvs, everything.

I downsized my life to fit into an on-the-road lifestyle and I shed most of the belongings and stuff that had become shackles around my limbs and neck for so many years.

The things I owned had in fact, owned me.

I’m now trying to make as many changes as I can. Trying to put myself into new environments and hopefully learn and grow as an artist and as a person.

My mind is now much more free and even though I live in an extremely small footprint, my views are endless and the world is my back porch. I have no schedules, I have no agendas other than my own.

I’m now living and working full-time on-the-road across the highways of America. I am traveling across the country in search of the ever-constant yet sometimes elusive beauty that makes up this great land.


Follow along with Todd Lambert on this modern journey to explore the nooks and crannies of America


– Todd Lambert